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Apps We LOVE!

Daily we come across apps that claim to do everything you ever need to do. It is easy to go down that rabbit hole. We all have that app we come across on our phone or laptop and wonder, “What does this do, and why did I download it?” Then there are those apps that click with you, and you wonder how you ever lived without them. Here are a few apps that we LOVE!

Shazam – A music discovery app

Let’s say you are sitting in a restaurant and a song comes on you want to know what it is, simply hit the Shazam record graphic and it tells you the artist and the name of the song. Beth collects new bands she hears and then listens to their albums on Spotify. Another app we LOVE!

Evernote – A productivity app

This app syncs with all your devices making it easy to take notes, make a task list, and schedule things. You can save PDFs and URLs and create categories for finding things easily. They have a free version and three paid categories. Check out the video on the Evernote website: https://evernote.com/

Grammarly – Online writer assistant

Grammarly has allowed us to rest assured that we don’t have as many glaring mistakes in our correspondence. I say as many, because to error is human, but Grammarly helps us stop wasting time doubting a comma!

Apps we want to fall in LOVE with

HOW Design Live curated a list of apps that we plan to to check out. Spark Toro helps you go deeper into your target audience. Answer the Public allows you to see what content people search for. Check out this article, because it might highlight the next app you fall in LOVE with. https://howdesignlive.com