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monkey dog toy

Stella was hired as a young designer out of Milwaukee. She loves logos, especially ones with teeth like the Salt Dogg logo by Buyers—that and the Rolling Stones logo. Eating, collecting monkey toys, hiking at Mohican State Park, traveling to exotic locations like Hocking Hills, Paris Mountain State Park in South Carolina, and Presque Isle in Erie Pennsylvania, and of course, napping, are some of her favorite things to do. Her favorite pattern is leopard; she loves pink and black together, and her favorite fonts are Buttercup and Doghouse.


Stella’s Favorite Project

Julien’s B+B for D.O.G’s animated graphic video is my favorite project. I like showing clients what it takes to make a logo. The video features my late brother Julien, and that is why I really like it. He was a social kind of guy and always thought having a B+B for dogs would be cool. No cats, just dogs. It isn’t a bad idea, but I don’t want my monkey collection ruined.

Dogs Rule Stop and Smell
Rolling Stones logo
Buyers Products Company Salt Dogg logo
Standard poodle at Rocky River Nature Center
standard poodle sleeps a lot
dog tennis ball mouth