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Happy Earth Day

Saving Mama Earth should be fun and make you feel good. Look at it not as what is taken away, but what you gain. Most of the practices we have instituted in our office have made a positive impact in ways we never imagined. Besides finding us more productive by incorporating “meeting days”, we have found being thoughtful with our purchases has made buying them more fun. The effort you place in researching an item, makes you more invested in the product.

But, can we small businesses do it alone? No. We need government and corporation buy-in. So, what can we do? Be an involved citizen of the earth. This does not make you one party or another; it makes you a global citizen that acts locally. What does that mean? It means you pay attention to what is happening on a local level with air, water, agriculture, and what is happening with the soil. Get involved, write letters, whatever your time and life allow. A few minutes a day can keep you informed and involved in your local environmental issues.

Globally, be thoughtful in what you buy and from whom. Tell companies who are screwing up that you will not buy from them until they change policies. Your spending has a ton of power. Use it to help drive change.

Why should you care? Most often, you get told it’s for your children’s benefit. It is for future generations to enjoy the quality of life that you have experienced. Plus, it feels invigorating knowing your effort has made some change, large or small. Over the years we have met the most incredible people from attending events, protests, and meetings. It is exciting to watch people come together to work on a shared vision.

Bill McKibben and Beth Yurich

Bill McKibben and Beth Yurich

Low Impact Transportation

We hope you have found this week’s information helpful. If you have any questions or are seeking specific information, give us a call. There’s a good chance we can help or lead you in the correct direction. We are environmental enthusiasts and love to help people get involved. And remember, you do not need to do it all. Just take some steps. Everyone’s environmental journey is different, but start the journey today.