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Happy Summer Solstice and Agricultural Astrology!

At this time of year, when the sun takes over the moon, our focus turns to the planets, the movement of the water from gravitational force, and astrology. When we visited Barcelona, Spain, we stopped at a winery that uses moon cycles to plant and grow their grapes. It is believed that planting seeds before a full moon assists in the plant becoming more vital and productive. It is called agricultural astrology.

Moon gardeners believe the gravitational force from the full moon affects the flow of groundwater. In addition, the light between the new moon and the full moon is thought to add additional benefits to the plants.

The winery we visited follows what they call Biodynamic Viticulture, which is organic practices along with combining spirituality and farming. They look at their vineyard as a living system, and they follow the planets and moon phases.

Agricultural Astrology is one of the oldest types of astrology and is used to guide crops’ growth. We, humans, are over 60% water and are affected by the movement of the planets from the gravitational force. Perhaps this solstice, Sunday, June 20, you should work with the planet’s naturals forces and plant something. It could be an idea, a plan, or maybe a goal, or it could be an actual flower or plant. Perhaps you will get additional benefits to help your planting grow big and strong.

Four days after the solstice, we will experience a full moon called the strawberry moon. Head out after midnight to see this spectacular red moon.

“Agricultural astrology is often referred to as “planting by the signs” because of its reliance on astrological signs for planting, cultivating and harvesting.”

-From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia