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Nonprofit Video Storytelling Gives Clarity and Emotion to Your Programs

Do you have trouble finding the right way to tell people about your program that is clear and concise and has an emotional impact? If you can accomplish this, your program will be a sell-out. Nonprofit video storytelling is a perfect tool to achieve this. Let’s explore why.

Control the Message

From the opening scene to the closing information screen, with video, you control the narrative. Unlike text and images on a webpage where the viewer can skip ahead or to another page or skim the text in any order, a video tells a fixed linear story.

Like a movie that takes you on a journey with a beginning, middle, and end, you can craft your video story, where each passage is the foundation for the next passage. The message is clear and concise, with each word making an impact.

B-rolling Around

In addition to a controlled message, a good video will augment the interviews with B-roll. B-roll is the extra footage that is not an interview. These moving images support what is being said or give insight into your program. B-roll breaks up the video to keep it interesting with a sense of “what’s next?”

In the above video we did for Countryside‘s Beginning Farmer Program, the Director, Ginnette, explains the program. She did a great job, however, we did not use most of Ginnette’s footage. This was due to duplicate information, or we had her rephrase to make a statement clearer. In addition we wanted a short of a message as possible. We assembled the video clips precisely, like short chapters of a book, creating maximum impact.

Let’s Get Emotional

Showing emotion to the viewer draws them into the story. It keeps them watching.

Testimonials from program participants are an excellent way to explain what the viewer could expect to get out of your program. Testimonials are felt on a personal level and have an emotional impact.

For non-profits, donors are motivated by the personal experiences of your participants. Donors love to see the results of their gifts.

In the Countryside video, the program participants’ testimonials are the fuel that makes the video exciting and moving. The testimonials open the video, encouraging the viewer to keep watching—scattering testimonials throughout breaks up the program’s explanation into digestible chunks of information. Closing with positive testimonials leaves the viewer with the desire to be part of the program.

Nonprofit Video Storytelling Ramps Up Your Program’s Exposure

In conclusion, using video to explain your program or upcoming event, you control your message’s clarity and generate excitement by using testimonials. Adding B-roll will add visual interest and anticipation.