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Online Auction Raises Funds for Non-profit

With the pandemic, many non-profits are having a hard time getting donations to fund the excellent work they do. There have been two organizations we have worked with recently that have dipped into the virtual world to support their funding efforts. We will show you a virtual online auction system being used by the Wassenberg Art Center.

During the past year, Wassenberg Art Center has struggled with very limited art exhibits and closure. In the past, they have had very successful art auctions, but these have been in-person events. We created an online auction for them. They were able to get almost 100 items donated or sold to them at a discounted price. We had them talk to donors beyond just art. Wassenberg did a fantastic job talking directly to potential donors, mask to mask and by phone. The community stepped up with donations like restaurant meals and treehouse getaways.

Take a peek and see how this works by viewing this video.

It is important to note that just having an auction site doesn’t mean that things will sell. Wassenberg executed an excellent campaign to promote the auction through press releases, social media posts, and email blasts that mention the auction and highlight specific items and artists. They keep the posts and email fresh and sent it regularly.

You have a week left to go to https://wassenbergartcenter.org to place your own bid and get yourself a beautiful piece of art, a pulled pork dinner, or even a three-day getaway in a treehouse!

Wassenberg Art Center Online Auction