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3 Simple Tips for Making Better Videos

I’m going to give you 3 simple tips for making better videos. Videos have become a top marketing tool. With today’s high quality phones and low-cost cameras, video should definitely be used in your website and on your social media.

Tip number one is lighting.

Illuminating your subject effectively will make them brighter, appear sharper, and make the overall shot cleaner. This is one of the easiest of tips for making better videos. The simplest, best light source is a window. It is big and diffused. Place your subject so that their face is lit at about three-quarters or full on.

If you are shooting in the evening or don’t have a convenient window, you can get a panel LED light. These inexpensive lights can sometimes be too harsh, creating hard shadows. Tape a piece of paper over the light to soften the light.

Like the window, place the light slightly off center or straight-on. Off center will make each side of the face a different brightness, more film-like, where straight-on will reduce facial contours, reducing wrinkles. We all like that!

Tip number two is framing or composition.

How your subject is in the frame of the video will really give you a pro look. If you are talking to your audience, look straight into the camera, and position the camera at eye level. Fill the screen with yourself. Don’t be a floating head. Ha!

If you are doing interview style, have yourself stand just to the side of the camera. Then have your subject talk direct to you, looking slightly off-camera. Frame the shot using the rule of thirds, which will put the subject off to one side of the frame. Make sure they are talking towards to the vacant space.

When shooting B-roll, the rule of thirds can help bring focus to an object and create an artistic feel. Use your judgement on framing, but think about showing what is important and eliminating distracting elements.

My third tip is sound.

This is probably the most overlooked element of videos. Invest in a lavalier mic that will plug into your phone or camera. Because this mic is placed much closer to your mouth, you will greatly reduce the ambience noise and room reverb.

Play with the mic placement on your subject’s clothes. Avoid having clothing rub the mic. If you are shooting outside with a breeze, use the foam wind filter that comes with the mic.

There you have it! Improving your sound, using good lighting, and making your video framing natural and interesting will take your videos to the next level.

You’ll find links below to items I mention. I have no affiliation with any of these products.

This is Dennis Yurich with my under 5 minute tips for making better videos. And remember to keep shooting and make it fun! Get more creative tips here.

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