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What we did on our Covid-19 stay-cation

Since 2018, we have been working on a new website that would best showcase the essence that is Yurich Creative. It seemed client work always prevented us from completing it, and when we would revisit the project, we found ourselves starting all over.

Well, that is one thing we did during the pandemic, we finished the Yurich Creative website!

We will be adding details as we work out our new packages: Brand Coaching, Social Media Magic, and Accelerate Your Idea.  

Since it has been a labor of love over the years, here is each of ours highlights from the new site:

Beth: I love that we could include quotes from some of our valued clients.

Dennis: We explored multiple home page headers and settled on the video header. In a nutshell, it tells who we are, shows some work, and you get a glimpse of us acting silly.



That microscopic virus allowed us to spend hours-and-hours expanding our knowledge with online classes and workshops.  JumpStart Inc. hosted a Social Media Strategy Workshop taught by Kellie Emrich from the Social Prof. Kellie teaches at Tri-C and offers a social media certification. The workshop was probably the best of the online ones we have attended. Kellie knows her stuff and presented the material easily and comprehensively. 

We attended the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC20). Out of St. Louis, this summit was supposed to be in person, but they switched to online. All the material covered was useful and informative. The presenters did a bang-up job switching to an online forum. We sure hope MDMC21 is live in St. Louis because the only drawback was mingling with conference attendees in virtual meeting rooms versus in person. 



Consuming books became our pastime during our three months of isolation. Reading many, many did we say many books. Here are our highlights. 

View Simon Sinek’s TED Talk.



Our biggest lesson was in the form of a complete turn-around on a client’s website project. We were scheduled for three photoshoots when the stay-at-home ruling was announced. All the shoots required people at locations. It was in our clients’ best interest to get the site done because of timing. So, one evening we sat down and brainstormed ways to complete the site without people and still keep the integrity the client needed. The next day, with the plan in hand, we called the client and verbally sketched the new approach and to see if we could gain access to their offices without putting anyone at risk. In less than 48-hours, we had a completely new plan of attack, and the website was back on track to being completed.



What have we discovered during this slow stay-at-home time? That we can solve big problems without risking the integrity of the project by letting go of our original idea and focus on the problem. And we enjoyed that problem-solving because we like challenges. We discovered we loved all the learning and want to continue it as we begin to be let out into the world again.

Beth: I have been playing around with Illustrator and want to do more of a deep dive into its features. I love using my iPen on my iPad with Affinity too.

Dennis: I am learning so much about streaming. I have been working on how to make the streaming experience more fun and enjoyable.



And, finally, we learned Zoom meetings are not the same as seeing people in person. We cannot wait to see your beautiful faces (in-person) again, even if they are masked.